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Huntsman causes havoc in dorm room

The biggest bloody spider I have ever seen!!!

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Oh my God, what a night I had last night...only had about 2 hours sleep...and all because of the biggest spider I have ever seen, the Huntsman spider.

We were up late because we had to wait ages to use the washing machines in the laundry room, we were just waiting on the last load to dry and I was just about to shut my eyes when I saw something move on the wall behind the tv. I just froze, this thing was massive. It must have been about 3/4 of the size of my hand and I am not exagerating one bit. It crept out of a hole above the wardrobes and made its way around the wall. All I could do was stare wide eyed with my mouth open. I managed to say Kevs name and when he looked round and saw it even he said 'Jesus, thats a bloody big spider'.

He was all for leaving it alone but there was no way on Earth I was staying in that room while that thing was in there. When Kev went anywhere near it though it bolted. It was mega fast and mega freaking me out. We couldnt find anything big enough to try and catch it with, a cup or mug was just too small!! While we were trying to decided how to catch it he crept back into his hole.

Kev said 'there you go, he probably wont be back out tonight'. 'Aye right' was my exact response to that one!
We sat up for about an hour waiting on it re-appearing but it was a no show so Kev went up to his bunk above mine and soon fell asleep. Me on the other hand was way too scared to sleep...I managed to keep my eyes open for another hour before I had to give in and fall asleep.

I woke up about an hour later and looked over to the place it had come from, still nothing. I thought maybe Kev was right and it had gone back to sleep....hell no...I turned over and looked up and the monster was just to the right of our bed on the ceiling near to Kevs head. I had to muffle a scream. It took me a further hour to move from that position and go to the toilet, crouching and watching the spider the whole way. Still there when I crawled back into bed. I spent the next hour or so watching it and trying to think what the hell I was going to do.

I started drifting in and out of sleep up until 6am when the little bugger decided it was time to go a wandering. He walked all over the ceiling, mainly above the two other girls in the room...fine by me! I was just waiting for it to drop to the ground but thank God it never. Then he got onto the curtain divider between the two bunk beds and started running up and down the curtains...arghhhh....I was so sure he was going to drop the 5 inches to the floor and come after me!!!! He couldnt jump down so he ended up back at the top of the pole, with his legs wrapped round the pole he walked slowly out, towards the girls bunk bed. He stopped like he wasnt sure, waited a minute or two and then bolted across to the other side and the other curtain. Again I let out a muffled scream and nearly passed out...it had moved so fast. I just wanted out of that room.

By 7am I couldnt stand it anymore. I woke Kev up and said he had to get that thing out of the room. He was half asleep and I dont think he really wanted to mess with it so we watched it for a bit longer then he disappeared into the other end of the wardrobe. This time he didnt come back out.

I had a couple of hours of much needed sleep while Kev said he would keep watch...heard him snoring 5mins later!!!

We went down to reception to see if they had any spider spray or any ideas on how to get rid of the thing...they were just as freaked as I was. They said that he might bite if we try to get him!!!! He's not dangerous but can be aggressive if you go for it. If it bites it just hurts for a bit, you wont die....I'm sorry but if that thing bit me I would die...on the spot.

So now its night time again and we are sat in the room with spider spray and a box to try and catch it in. I am soo tense, I keep looking up to try and find it. We have also got a bottle of Malibu to help keep the nerves calm. Im downing the Malibu and then taking a packet of sleeping tablets...bet I still dont sleep!!

If I dont write again it means I have been eaten by the giant spider....it was nice knowing you....

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Moving on

Time for change

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We have decided to move on from Sydney. We are not having much luck with finding work here and its getting quite expensive to stay. We are both ready to move on, feels like we have been here for ages and its only been 3 weeks. We want to go and explore other parts of Australia before we use all our money up in Sydney. We are both getting a bit sick of the city too, we want beaches, space and things to do without breaking the bank.

We have rented a car and leave on Monday for Melbourne. From Melbourne we are going to drive up the East Coast, taking our time and stopping wherever and whenever we want. Freedom :) We are going to spend a week or so in Melbourne and about 10 weeks going up the East Coast. It will be about 5000km in total that we drive, a long way but done over 10 weeks we will hardly notice it.

To help with money we are going to WWOOF our way around. WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms. You find placements on farms that are part of the organisation, working as long as you want in any place. In return for helping on the farm for 4-6 hours a day the family provide you with food and accomodation. So we wont get paid but if we dont need to fork out money on food and accomodation for a few weeks then we will save a fortune, meaning that we can continue on our travels without having to find proper jobs (which doesnt really appeal to us right now. We are enjoying the freedom and slow pace of life too much) Working on a farm will certainly be an experience...I want to try milking a cow and Kev wants to learn how to tend to horses. We are really looking forward to it. It will be hard work but pretty interesting.

We have bought a tent and some camping equipment for travelling up the coast. That will be interesting!!! I just know that Im going to come face to face with some pretty big spiders.....ahhhhh....if this doesnt cure my fear of spiders nothing will!

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Blue Mountains

Day trip

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On wednesday we took a day trip to the Blue Mountains, a 2 hour train journey from the city centre. We left early in the morning and even then it was already hot, feels like summer has arrived :)

It was lovely, mountains and valleys spanning for miles. There was a blue haze to the area which was very wierd, some people think its caused by the amount of gum trees in the area. I think there is some scientific reason behind it though, I read about it but it was all a bit mumbo jumbo to me!

We walked for miles, round to the three sisters. Three rock formations jutting out from the valley. The old tale is that there were 3 sisters who belonged to one tribe who feel in love with 3 brothers from another tribe. Their love was forbidden and the brothers tried to steal the sisters, this started a tribal war. The tribal elder turned the sisters to stone to protect them during the war but he was killed during the war and so he couldnt turn them back.
From the three sisters we walked down the giant staircase, a really really steep stairway down into the valley. Felt like the Inca trail all over again!! Then we walked through the rainforrest to the cable car to take us back up to the top.

It was a really good day, we saw lots of different colourful birds and flowers. It was so peaceful, nice to be away from the busy city for a while.

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Sydney Tower

You can see for miles

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Today we went up the Sydney Tower, the highest building in Sydney. Its got an observation deck at the top that you walk around and can see the whole of Sydney. It was another good day so we could see for miles, it was brilliant. We took lots of photos then headed back down to go on the Oz treck, a simulator ride with a short film about what there is to see and do in Australia. It was fun getting shoogled about but I felt a bit sick by the end of it!!

After that we took a walk through the Botanical Gardens again towards the Opera House. I wanted to get some more photos of the Opera House since having my camera cleaned. The first lot of photos have marks all over them because there was dust inside the camera and on the sensor.

I dont know how many brides and grooms we saw today, all getting their photos taken in front of the Opera House and bridge. I felt embarased for them, posing like lemons as loads of people watched! Guess it would make nice photos though :)

Tomorrow we are going to try and get to the Blue Mountains, about 2hrs away on the train. Its supposed to be stunning and a really nice place for walks.

We both had interviews today but they didnt go too well. The guy that interviewed Kev said he really liked him but wanted someone permanant and the woman who interviewed me didnt really ask me much, she seemed a bit cooky! So now we are back to square one...we dont know whether to stay here or move on. We are not having much luck finding anything here but I think this is supposed to be the best place to find work right now. We just dont know what to do...we dont want to spend ages here (and lots of money) if nothing comes up. Think we will give it another week or so to see if it looks a bit more promising. I keep forgetting that we have only been here for just over 2 weeks, it feels a lot longer...like 2 months! I feel like we have been away from home for ages but that has only been 2 and a half months.

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Palm Beach

Watching Home and Away being filmed

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On thursday we went to Palm Beach, up the coast from the city, where they film Home and Away. The place is amazing, its really stunning...really soft yellow sand and blue water. The houses there were beautiful and massive, built up the side of the hills, overlooking the beach. This is where we want to live :) (just need to win the lottery and we will be sorted!)

It was the first really nice day we have had, the sun was out all day and it was hot :)
We wandered around rock pools, watching all the crabs running into cracks in the rocks as we got closer. And walked along the long stretch of beach up to the famous surf club. It was really wierd to see it...I watched Home and Away for years and always wanted to be on that beach and there I finally was!
We sat and had a drink from the surf club kiosk and took in the view. After that we were about to head off up the beach to the lighthouse when we heard a young girl telling her dad that she had seen them filming Home and Away. We found them filming on the other side of the beach at the Boathouse. It was really exciting, there were vans packed full of film equipment and people everywhere. As we got closer I recognised Alf Stewart and one of the other cast members, Adian filming a scene by the water. We stood around taking photos and chatting to people who had been there for a while. They were saying that they had been filming the same scene for more than an hour. We watched and waited as they did it again and again....I couldnt be an actress, it would drive me nuts. I was getting bored just watching them. At one point Alf Stewart walked up to us and said 'Hi, hows it going?'. I was star struck, I didnt know what to do, I just giggled and froze!!!! Come on, getting star struck over an old man with a pot belly!!
We watched for a bit longer and saw another cast member come in, Charlie the police officer. She kept messing up her lines and they had to re-start.

After all that excitment we had some lunch on the beach and then headed up the hill to the lighthouse. The views from the top of the hill were beautiful. It was the prettiest beach I have ever seen.

It was a really good day, the best I have had since arriving in Sydney. I love the shops in the city but I feel better when Im by the sea or somewhere that is less busy and fast paced.

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