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Sydneys Wildlife Park

I want a Koala bear

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We went to Sydney's wildlife park on friday...it was really good. Saw lots of different Australian wildlife...spiders, snakes, lizzards, butterflys, koalas, kangeroos, and much more. The spiders were horrible, some of them were huge...too big to even squish if you had to!! The snakes were cool, a girl had one out of the cage so we had a feel. It was really smooth and very warm, I thought they would be cold and slimey. Kids were going right up to it for a feel and the mothers were grabbing them away, it was so funny.

The koala bears are soo cute and really dopey looking. There was a baby and its mum on one branch, the mum went down to go to the toilet and the baby quickly followed but looked like it couldnt get down the last part. The mum came back and started to climb back up so the baby quickly grabbed onto the mum and took a piggy back up the rest of the way, it was so cute. I want one! :) Their faces are soo pretty and they look really cuddly.

It was a really good day. Still raining though which is not soo good. Come on...where is the Australian sun!

Still no luck on the job front but its only been a few days. Fingers crossed we will hear from someone soon.

Have a good weekend everyone :) xxx

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Where is the sun?!

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We arrived last friday after 18hrs of travelling...it took us 13 hours to fly to New Zealand then we hung about there for an hour until we had to board the plane again for the remaining 4 hours to Sydney. When we arrived it was 7am local time but 5pm to us coming from Santiago. We checked into the hostel and headed straight out again, we took a wander around the local area, Glebe, which is about 30 minute walk to the city. Its a lovely area, really pretty and not as busy as the city. We managed to stay up until 8pm that night but it was hard, we slept for about 13 hours that night! After that we didnt feel so bad, I think staying up all day and going by local time helped a lot with the jet lag.

I cant believe we've been here a week now, feels like a lot longer though. The hostel we are staying in is pretty good, we share a room with two other people and have a wee kitchen area (fridge, kettle, sink and pots n pans) our own bathroom in the room and a tv. We have to do our cooking on the roof, hense the name Rooftops travellers lodge. They have bbq's up there too but its not exactly weather for a bbq. The weather hasnt been great, its been a mix of sunny and warm with cold and wet...a bit like the UK! Pretty disappointing but we are told it will pick up soon. Its spring time here heading for summer which is very confusing. I saw a christmas tree in one of the shops today!! It will be weird being away for christmas and it being hot.

On monday we took a walk through the city to go and see the Sydney Operah House. Before we got there we stopped off at the Botanic Gardens to have lunch. The gardens were amazing, so peaceful. Until we got to one area, all we could hear was alot of high pitchetd squealing. At first we thought it was a large mass of birds but we took a closer look and we realised that the creatures were hanging upside down. Obviousley we realised they were bats. We got alot closer and I tell you these bats were huge. We found out their species is called the Grey Headed Flying Fox. It's the largest bat in the world, absolutely amazing. The council are trying to get permission to get them moved though because they are destroying the plants. There were so many different types of plants and birds that we have never seen before, it was really pretty. I kept thinking that the birds had escaped from a near by zoo because I had never seen them before.

From the gardens we walked along the waterfront to the Sydney Opera House, which was amazing to see close up. We couldnt believe that we were stood in front of another famous landmark that we have always wanted to see. Its hard to take it all in, it just feels so unreal at times. We had a walk around and them headed inside when it started to rain. We took a guided tour of the inside, which was supposed to cost us $72 but Kev managed to sweet talk the lady and get a discount. She asked us if we had any discount cards and Kev said 'no, but I have a nice smile. Does that get us a discount?' and it worked! She gave us a 20% discount!! We couldnt believe it and couldnt stop laughing about it after. Kev is getting sent up to get the tickets from now on :)
Inside was amazing, its like a maze. We saw inside a few of the halls...they were a lot smaller than I had imagined. We couldnt get into the main hall because there were rehearsals going on so I dont know if that would have been a lot bigger. The building is not that old, made in the 70's. It took 16 years to build and $100 million, it was supposed to take 3 years and $7 million!! The architect was Danish and only died last year in his 90's. Its a stunning building, inside and out.

Yesterday we signed up with an agency that helps backpackers find work....really dont want to work but I guess we have to if we want to keep travelling. I think its supposed to be quite hard to find work just now but I'm hoping that with the christmas period coming up shops will be starting to look for seasonal staff which would suit us fine. Fingers crossed we get something soon.

Once we did that and handed out a few cv's we went to the Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour. It was massive, the best aquarium we have been to. We saw all sorts of sea life...sharks, massive stingrays, crocodiles, turtles, blue star fish,stonefish (most venomis fish) and a dugong which is a huge sea mammal that looks a bit like a sea cow. It took us hours to walk around the aquarium, it was really good. Tomorrow we are going to the wildlife park that is next door to the aquarium. It will be interesting to see all the beasties that roam australia....not looking forward to seeing the spiders though!!

We have tried to upload photos but couldnt find a computer that would let us do it, so we will have to work on that one. Hopefully we will get some up soon.

Hope everyone is well and happy xxxx

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48hr bus journey to Santiago ends up being 53!!

complete with screaming child....

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We left Lima what seemed like a life time ago....53 hrs later (not the 48 that we were told) we are finally in Santiago. Never thought we would make it here alive!

We were on a bus full of locals and some South Africans thrown in too. No one spoke any English and of course we struggled to get by on the little Spanish we could remember from our lessons. They played non stop films in Spanish with no sub titles for us, followed by cheesy spanish music, which they blasted loud enough to make your ears bleed. Thing was the locals loved it and were singing and clapping along.

Then there was the typical screaming child....she was good as gold whenever we were off the bus but as soon as we got back on we had to go through the hours of crying to settle her again....who in their right mind would take a young child on a bus that long...thats just cruelty (to us).

Oh and the South Africans were big into their weed....every night they would light a joint up in the only toilet that stank enough already. I was not amused!!! Altough towards the end of the bus journey I was just about ready to join them in a joint....anything to take my mind off being on that dam bus! :)

The border crossing into Chile was interesting...of course no one spoke English so we were left guessing. Men had to queue up on one side of the wall, women on the other. I was whipped into an interigation room and asked questions in spanish by a police woman, in which all I could say was 'no speak spanish'!! She looked through my passport at every stamp in it and came to the conclusion I was a 'tourista' then she chucked me out into the other line. Poor Kev had already been through and was waiting for ages on me outside. 2hrs it took to go through the boarder crossing!!!

This morning they woke us at 6am, so we thought woohoo we are nearly there....wrong....2hrs later they had stopped at a cafe and were trying to force feed us chicken and rice. We didnt really fancy that for breakdfast so said 'no thank you' which caused such a fuss...we had everyone up at us gabbering away in spanish trying to get us to eat. By this time we were tired and had enough so I was beginning to lose my rag, we just moved outside and sat on a wall waiting on them to finish their chicken breakfast!

We had no idea where we were, how far away Santiago was and even if we were still on the right road!! We were done in. Kev managed to look us up on the map on his phone, we were on the right road but we still had another 7 hrs to go!!!!!

Finally we arrived at 4pm, 5pm local time and managed to find our hostel without too much fuss. We are so glad that we are flying to Australia on wednesday, think we have had our fill of South America and spanish.

Santiago is a really big city, not too sure about it yet, not seen much today but I get the feeling you need to watch your back cause its soo busy. Their money is mental, 800 pesos to the pound, so we feel like millionaires! We keep forgetting the conversion rate though and when we went looking for a place for dinner we though everywhere was way too expensive because it was thousands of pesos! works out about the same as home, Chile is quite an expensive place.

Think we will have a wander tomorrow and get ourselves ready for our flight to Australia on wednesday....17hrs....man are we gluttens for punishment!! We arrive in Sydney on friday...we lose a whole day because of the time difference. That will be pretty weird.

Speak to you next from down under :)

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the end of the tour :(

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We arrived in Lima after a 4 hour bus ride on a local bus (had to watch your stuff all the time)

Lima is a huge city and very westernised. It reminds me a bit of places in America.
Last night we went to Brunos uncles house for our farewell meal. His uncle is a chef who cooked us up a storm, the food was amazing and he had made so much for us. Kev loved it :)
After that we said goodbye to most of the people we had met on the tour. It was quite sad saying goodbye to people we have spent the last 6 weeks with. I cant believe the tour is over, it went by so quickly. We have seen soo much over the last 6 weeks.

This morning we checked ourselves into a hostel just down the road from the hotel. It seems quite nice. We are staying in a dorm room with 2 other people. Im trying to ease myself in gently! Dont know how I will cope sleeping in a room with strangers, wander if I will get any sleep tonight!!

We leave Lima on saturday and head for Santiago in Chile. We have to take a 48hr bus journey there!!!!!! Its the only way if you dont want to fly. I thought we would be able to break it up a bit and get on and off a bus when you wanted so we could spend nights somewhere, but no, we have to do it this way. The bus only goes to Santiago on saturdays and tuesdays and our flight to Australia is next wednesday. So its saturday or saturday!! That will be fun...wonder if my legs will still be working by the time we get off! We do stop for lunch and dinner but I dont imagine we will get that long to stretch our legs.

Pray for us!

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Boat trip to the Ballestas Islands

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We drove to Pisco from Nazca, stopping at a place to go sand boarding and flee about in sand buggies. It was great fun. The sand buggies were like being in a rollercoaster, up and down and stomache in your mouth. There were a few times I thought we were going to go over! Then we went sand boarding which was so much fun. We lay down on boards and flew down the sands dunes, making sure we kept our arms on the board otherwise we would end up with sand burn! It was just like Kuwait (only the dunes were twice the size) :)

After that we stopped at a place that made pisco (the local drink) and had tasters. I think the guy was trying to get Kev drunk, he gave him twice as much as everyone else.

That night we stayed in the town of Pisco. Not a very nice place, Bruno, our tour leader told us to stay in the hotel and not go out. There was a huge earthquake 2 years ago that destroyed most of the place and killed hundreds, so there is now a lot of poverty and crime.

The next day we took a speed boat out to the Ballestas Islands, we saw so many birds and sealions. It was really cool. We saw dolphins playing in the sea, courmarants, penguins, boobies (diving birds) and lots of sealions lazying about on the rocks. Dad, you would have loved it.

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