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Lazy day on beach :)

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Hi all,

To make u all jealous....just spent the day on a beautiful beach 40 mins away from Parati by local bus....was fun getting there, we had to stand the whole way cause it was busy. It was like being on a roller coaster, up and down the hills and swinging round corners, good fun!
The beach was stunning (see pics) gorgeous white sand that squeeked when u walked in it (never come across that before) surrounded by green hills. The beach was pretty empty which made it even better. The water was freezing though, Kev went in but i was a wimp and just paddled my feet.
We are leaving Parati tomorrow morning for a full days travel, first on a bus and then on a 13 hour night bus to Iguassu...not looking forward to that but Im sure it will be worth it when we get to the falls. They r supposed to be amazing, about 200 falls all meeting at the same bit!!
After that we are going to spend a night on a farm sleeping in hammocks! Hope no-one falls out (or snores!) We get to try horse riding and pirana fishing. That should be fun, just hope we dont get bitten!!
My cold is a bit better but our feet r sore from walking all day in our havaianas (flip flops - all the locals have them so we had to fit in)
Hope u are all well.
Thinking of u all.

Mum n dad - give the grans a hug from us and tell them we are missing them.

Laura n Fraser - I hope it all went well with the bathroom and there were no major disasters :)

Update u when we can.
Love to all, C&K xxxx

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Woohoo, got photos on!

sunny 29 °C
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Woohoo! we found sumwhere to get our photos on. didnt have a lot of time so only uploaded some, will add more and a longer comment next chance we get.
All is good, weather been good apart from tues morning, it rained!
Food is good and people r really nice. Meet up with our tour group, only 8 of us which is nice. Been out drinking the local alcohol...caipirini (similar to mohitos) very strong!! 2 and we r steaming!
In Paraty now for couple of days, just left Ilha Grande, a beautiful island which reminded me a bit of loch lomond cause it was surrounded by hills.
Think I may be coming down with a cold though!! so not happy, i havnt had a cold in 6 months, why now!!
Take care speak to u all soon.
Love C&K xxxxx

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sunny 29 °C
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Hi everybody,

Cant believe we have only been away for a couple of days, feels like longer! Had a couple of ups and downs but I guess thats to be expected, feeling good now though. Sat was a long day, flight was 11 and half hours long but it wasnt too bad, went quicker than i thought. Arrived at the hostel at 3am uk time, 11pm Rio time. We just went straight to bed...took a while to get to sleep as we didnt have an actual window, just a shutter!! and being above the courtyard it was quite noisy!! Up early on Sun and we spent the day walking up and down Copacabana beach which is a good couple of miles, we were trying to find a tourist info (which was shut when we did find it) then we had to find flip flops cause my new shoes were killing, then we had to find a supermarket to get some water and food. so we got plenty of exercise. The beach is gorgeous, white soft sand that stretches for miles and surrounded by stunning hills. It is a bit of a posers beach, Kev fitted in fine but I felt a bit out of place :)
Think the jet lag was starting to hit us as we ended up in bed by 8 and slept right through to 8 the next morning, both feel better now. Today (Monday) we managed to make our own way to the statue of christ on a public bus. Made a bit of a fool of ourselves when we got on the bus though...I started asking the bus driver for a ticket and he pointed to the conductor behind him, then I got stuck in the turnstyle and when we tried to get off the bus we headed for the front and were told to get off at the back!! The guys just laughed at us. When we got there we had to take a wee dinky tram up the mountain to the top where the statue is. It was amazing to be there, I couldnt believe that I was standing under the statue that I have wanted to visit for over 7 years, never really thought that I would make it. The views were absolutly stunning, you could see right round the whole of Rio and see for miles. We were going to try and get up Sugar Loaf Mountain today but we took the bus back the long way and it was dark before we got there!! Never mind, we will try tomorrow although someone said it was to rain, fingers crossed it doesnt.
Tomorrow we check in to our hotel where we meet the rest of our tour, hopefully it will be a bit more luxurious than the hostel!
We havent found a comp yet that has a USB slot so that we can upload some photos. Im hoping we do find one so that we can make you all jealous with our pics :)

Hope everyone is well, missing you all C&K xxxx

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Almost there

all seasons in one day 18 °C

Well weve got less than a week to go.
Getting very excited now

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The Big trip

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